Welcome to the "Minuteman Reads" Summer Reading Program!

Minuteman High School actively supports the growth of reading skills that will allow students to succeed academically and vocationally, as well as recognize the lifelong value of reading as a source of information, communication, and entertainment.To this end, all incoming and enrolled Minuteman students participate in the "Minuteman Reads" Summer Reading Program.

The program requirements for each grade include reading all assigned book titles and taking a computer-based test for each book. In addition, it is strongly recommended that students complete the graphic organizers. These can be used during the testing and turned in for extra credit.

Summer reading assessments will count as 15% of each student's Term 1 English grade. In addition, the book will be used to start the year as there will be companion reading pieces and/or writing assignments centered around the titles.

For each grade-specific summer reading assignment, click on the links below:

As students read the books, they can complete the non-fiction notes organizer for non-fiction books and the fiction notes organizer for fiction. They will be able to use these organizers at the time they take their tests.

Click on the links below for each organizer

It is recommended that students read as many books from the Summer Reading List as possible. For every additional book they read this summer and pass a Reading Counts test with a 70% or above, they will earn extra credit.

Although students may read any books from the summer reading list, it may be helpful to select books within a range of 100 points below to 50 points above your Lexile score, as tested by the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) given at the end of the year. (Example: Student Alicia's Lexile is 753; books with a Lexile level of 653-803 may be the best choice for her.)

Why is reading important? Consider the chart below based on research by Nagy and Herman in 1987.
why read 20 minutes.jpg